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Jim Macy, Doctoral Degree in Psychology, Graduate Master Hypnotist, Member, American Hypnosis Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, International Hypnosis Association, Certified in 5-PATH Therapy, Certified Life Coach.

Using Hypnosis, Coaching for Success,NLP, and EFT

I Help You Become the Best You Can Be

Coaching both personal and corporate clients.
Group Workshops and coaching on a variety of self-improvement issues such as
Quit Smoking
Stress Reduction,
Goal Setting,
Job Performance Issues.

Individual Hypnosis sessions by phone.
If you would like phone sessions, you will need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, nor will you associate that place with normal sleep (such as your bed). You will need a speaker phone or a headset. The speaker phone is preferable since it will let me know what noises you hear during the session.

Jim is also a Certified Life Coach through the Life Coach Institute.
This is a non-hypnosis coaching modality to help individuals overcome many of the obstacles that hold them back from being the best that they can be.
These sessions are conducted only by phone, and you should again have a place that is quiet and away from distractions.
Distractions only take away from the quality of the information and support you receive, so it is in your best interest to be able to focus on your coaching time. For more information on this service please

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All sessions must be paid for in advance by check, paypal, popmoney, or credit/debit card .
Hypnosis is a useful tool to help modify habits and self-improvement goals.
For example, Hypnosis is extremely effective for:

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Just want to thank you!!! Dr. T has now lost over 110 lbs with you relaxation techniques. THANK YOU!!!!!

Wow, I didn't believe it possible but twenty minutes with you on the phone improved my golf game. Jim V.
Call me for a free evaluation appointment --
Local 559-285-0784

Email:Put drjim to the left of the @ sign "@gr8-hypnosis.com"


Life Coach for Success

(Non-Hypnosis Success Coaching Evaluation Session)

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What I Do:

  1. Applied Sports Performance
  2. Sports coaching to remove obstacles from your mind
  3. Smoking cessation* Download forms here
  4. Weight control*(may need Physician's referral) -- see Notice
    Here Physician's referral here &
    physican's reply here (download, and fill in BOTH forms with your Doctor).
  1. Bed wetting (Enuresis)* Requires Physician's referral here
    and a physican's reply here (download, and fill in ALL forms with your Doctor).
  2. Stress relief and control
  3. Improved test-taking
  4. Improved sleep habits
  1. Overcoming Fears & Phobias
  2. Nail biting
  3. Building self-esteem
  4. Improving memory recall
  5. Grinding teeth
  6. Relieving jitters or pre-performance butterflies
  7. Just for fun
  8. and many more

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