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Program Special

  • Smokers, if your doctor told you that you had to quit smoking.
  • If your doctor recommended a nicotine patch or gum to help.
  • If your doctor recommended Chantix.

Call me at 866-375-4162 for special pricing on medically recommended smoking cessation program.

Call before it's too late. 559-285-0784 or toll-free 866-375-4162 or Skype drjim.macy






  • "He was amazing. Nurturing, straightforward and relatable. Really enjoyed speaking to him!" ~E.B.
  • "Dr Macy is the best! Super happy with him and the progress I have made with him! Highly recommend him to anyone!" ~ K.W.
  • I have a prospering business now, but several years ago I would have been out of business had it not been for my mentor, Jim Macy. He has been there guiding and helping me grow my business at far less cost than the profits I have made because of his coaching. He has fresh marketing ideas and is willing to listen to my problems and help me develop solutions. ~ L.Bowles, CA.
  • I didn't think I could afford a personal coach, I'm too young and had too many bills, but the coaching I have received has helped me find my path and to set goals and move to better job and money. ~ R. Braninberg, OR.
  • I had some personal issues I needed to change and get back to a healthier lifestyle. In one session Dr. Jim Made it happen! ~ E. Hughes. CA
  • I didn't think it was possible to made changes in my life so quickly and easily. ~ Steve W. Mesa, AZ

Jim Macy,

  • Doctoral Degree in Psychology,
  • Honors Graduate Master Hypnotist,
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist,
  • Master level NLP Practitioner

Member, American Hypnosis Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, International Hypnosis Association, Certified in 5-PATH Therapy, Certified Life Coach.

All sessions

are either by phone or Skype
except group workshops and seminars through contracted venues.

I Help You Become the Best You Can Be

Contact Me: Local 1 559-285-0784, toll free: 1 866-37-4162, or Skype: drjim.macy
Fax: 1 866-240-6085

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Coaching both personal and corporate clients.
Group Workshops and coaching on a variety of self-improvement

Using Hypnosis, Coaching for Success,NLP, and EFT for issues such as
Quit Smoking
Stress Reduction,
Goal Setting,
Job Performance Issues.

Individual Hypnosis or Coaching sessions by phone.

Contact Me: 559-285-0784 or toll free: 866-37-4162
Fax: 866-240-6085
Skype: drjim.macy

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